My Top 40 Essential Lightroom CC Shortcuts – Mac OSX Edition


I’m a pretty stubborn guy, or so my beautiful fiancée tells me!

That stubbornness is likely to be the reason why I always tend to stick with a specific workflow, even if I know there are quicker and more productive methods of completing the same task. Take Photoshop, for example; I’ve been using it since CS1, that’s something like 14 years now and, you know what, I only knew maybe 2 or 3 important shortcuts during that time.

I did everything the long, slow way.


I didn’t want to want to change my entire workflow. I already knew how to achieve what I needed, without shortcuts. It wasn’t until maybe 2-3 years ago that I finally gave in, bit the bullet, and started to incorporate them into my workflow. And boy, did it make a difference.

So naturally, when I picked up Lightroom over the last few years, I jumped straight into the documentation and developed a workflow that made full use of the available shortcuts.

No more slow processes and no more excessive mouse clicks.

My Top 40 Essential Mac OSX Lightroom CC Shortcuts

Backstory aside, it doesn’t take long to iron out an effective post-processing workflow with the help of shortcuts. So, to get you started, I wanted to share a collection of my favourite shortcuts; 40 of them to be exact!

General / Workspace

Function Shortcut
Import photos & videos Cmd Shift I
Go to grid view G
Go to loupe view E
Go to compare view C
Go to survey view N
Zoom in Cmd =
Zoom out Cmd –
Partial zoom in Cmd Opt =
Lock zoom position Cmd Shift =
Show / Hide toolbar T
Go to develop D
Go to library Cmd Opt 1
Show / hide side panels Tab
Select all Cmd A
Full screen preview F
Edit in Photoshop Cmd E
Export Cmd Shift E

Library Module

Function Shortcut
New collection Cmd N
Add to quick collection B
Toggle photo rating 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Copy metadata Cmd Opt Shift C
Paste metadata Cmd Opt Shift V
Show the add keywords field Cmd K

Develop Module

Function Shortcut
Toggle before/after \
Split screen before/after Shift Y
Vertical before/after view Opt Y
Create virtual copy Cmd ‘
Increase selected slider value +
Decrease selected slider value
Show white balance tool W
Show clipping J
Show crop tool R
Reset crop Cmd Opt R
Show adjustment brush tool K
Increase brush size ]
Decrease brush size [
Open graduated filter tool M
Open radial filter tool Shift M
Show adjustment overlays O
Create new preset Cmd Shift N

Note: Each of these shortcuts are based off of Lightroom CC and may differ slightly for older versions.

Now, I’ve listed a total of 40 shortcuts that I find imperative to my own personal workflow, but keep in mind that there are more than 400 others. I’m not saying, by any means, that these 40 are the best. In fact, you may find some of these to be relatively useless for your own purposes while others, some of which I may not have listed, to be a perfect fit for your own workflow.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to improve your post-processing through the use of these shortcuts, that is, if you don’t already use them.