Sirui T-025SK Travel Tripod & B-00K Ball Head Review

Sirui T-025SK Review

A few months back, I published a review outlining my experiences with the Sirui W-2204 tripod & K30X ball head – It’s one hell of an awesome combo.

As an extension to that, today I wanted to share my thoughts on the much smaller, but just as tough, T-025SK from the Sirui travel range. I’ll also include some details on the B-00K ball head it comes packaged with.

Sirui T-025SK CF travel tripod review

It might not look it, but this thing is tough. It’s small, compact and lightweight, but it’ll still sit like rock in most conditions. The perfect requirements for little travel tripod.

Folded, the 025Sk measures in at just over 30cm, or 34cm with the B-00K head. Fully extended, it comes in at 130cm with the center column (yup, it’s removable), or just over 95cm without. For a travel tripod, and something so compact, that’s a pretty nifty max height.

In terms of weight, you’re looking at 0.8kg on it’s own thanks to the carbon fibre construction. The aluminium B-00K ball head weighs an additional 0.25kgs, bringing the total weight to just over 1.05kg. A pretty handy weight if you’re regularly travelling by air or find yourself trekking across rough terrain and need to keep things as light as possible.

Twist leg locks

I said it in my review of the W-2204 and I’ll say it again now. I love the Sirui twist leg locks, they run rings around the clips locks you’ll find on quite a few alternative tripods.

Sirui T-025SK Review

Just like those found on the bigger W-2204, the T-025SK leg locks progressively start to engage once you’ve tightened them to about 90%. You’ll then feel the friction change as you tighten the last 10% which signals that the locks have engaged.

Although this model isn’t a part of Sirui’s waterproof range, the leg locks are sealed which will help to prevent water, dust and sand from getting inside for the locks and leg tubes.

Cold weather grips & removable center column

A Sirui standard, the 025SK comes with cold weather grips on all three of the legs. Although these aren’t really a requirement for me, thanks to the year round warm weather in Sydney, they’re definitely handy when travelling abroad.

Getting low to the ground is easy with the removable center column. Twisting it off will allow you to position the head and camera almost right down to the ground with the legs extended 90 degrees.

Bubble level

The tripod shoulder features a tiny bubble level, standard on all Sirui tripods from what I’ve seen. Being such a small tripod, the bubble level itself pretty tiny, making it more of a novelty than anything really useful.

Carabiner for extra support

Did that light breeze just become a little more wild?

At the bottom of the center column you’ll find a small key ring equipped with a carabiner. You’ll be able to hook your bag onto here for that extra little bit of stability when needed.

Get your hands on the T-025sk

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Sirui T-025SK Review

Don’t forget about the B-00k ball head

Packaged with the T-25SK comes the super light little B-00k ball head, a perfect combination. The little thing weighs a mere 205g but can safely hold up to 5kg, perfect the the average travel kit. It’ll also add an additional 70mm in height to your tripod once attached.

Quick release plate

The B-00k features Sirui’s TY-C10, an arca-swiss compatible plate mount designed to be used the most camera models. Just like their larger plates, you’ll find rubber grips around the face of the plate for support and stability which will prevent any slide when mounting to a camera. The thumbscrew includes a flip-up latch that makes it easy to tighten and loosen without the need for tools.

Sirui T-025SK Review

Locking and movement

The head features 2 locking mechanisms. The larger of the 2 is used to control the ball itself, while the smaller lock controls the 360 degree infinitely variable friction panorama control.

My single complaint for this is that the ball lock feels a little cheap, to the point I thought I’d snap it off while tightening. I suppose that some sacrifices do have to be made to accommodate for the smaller size of the head. It’d be great to see Sirui do away with these handle locks and stick with the grip locks found on some of the larger ball heads.

Complaint aside, the lock does hold well once tightened. Using a lighter camera body and a mid sized lens, you’ll experience almost no ball creep, however, you will notice a little when mounting something heavier like a 70-200. Although, to be fair, it is designed to be a lightweight travel tripod and head.

Sirui T-025SK Review


If you’re looking for something that’s light, durable and more than capable of being a solid travel companion, this combo is right up there. It’s small and easy to carry around, it looks sleek and it’s got a really competitive price tag when compared to similar tripods of the same class.

Get your hands on the T-025sk

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